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Interest in digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have has exploded in the past four years, and these assets have emerged as a significant and viable asset class for discerning investors offering extraordinary returns. However, these assets also present extraordinary risks and the landscape for these assets is complex and constantly changing. 

At O’Keefe & Company we are proud to be one of the first firms in Canada offering specialized legal services in Blockchain and other digital assets. Since 2016 we have been advising clients on various legal issues surrounding these assets, including as legal and strategic advisors on significant bitcoin mining projects, the establishment of new blockchain assets, legal agreements and strategic alliances surrounding the development and implementation of Blockchain projects, and corporate advice to persons in the digital assets space on everything from company start up to company sale. 

  • Preparation of Loan Documents and Agreements

  • Preparation and Negotiation of Term Sheets and Credit Documents

  • Advice on legal Documents surrounding Financial Products

  • Advice to Lenders on Lending Transactions

  • Placement of Security including debentures, mortgages, and personal property charges.

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