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O’Keefe & Company is proud to act as preferred local counsel to lawyers and in house counsel from across the country and internationally. When you need to supplement your primary legal team with local expertise, you can trust us to guide you through the local court system, the people involved, and the process to be followed to complete your mandates in Atlantic Canada in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. 

We understand that strong local counsel will give our colleagues a substantial advantage. At O’Keefe & Company we leverage our local relationships and practical knowledge to help our colleagues, and their clients, achieve the best possible results whether it be in their commercial transactions or in litigation or dispute resolution matters. We have built a reputation for not only providing solid local counsel advice, but also for respecting the various lawyer-client relationships at play in a local counsel retainer. We ensure our referral partners client relationships are strengthened through our involvement.

  • Extra-Provincial Registrations

  • Attorney for Service

  • Local Agent for Court Appearances 

  • Local Counsel on National Mandates

  • Registered Office for Business Services 

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