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At O’Keefe & Company, we draw on our hands on experience and intimate knowledge of marine law and related transactions to help our clients make the best decisions for their business. We provide strategic advice around questions of business structure, tax implications (in association with Sullivan Law and Tax), guidance on DFO regulations and compliance, acquisition or sale agreements involving fishing vessels and other related assets, sales marketing and export advice, licensing issues and disputes, and dispute resolution support in situations where licenses, agreements, or assets are in question. 

We are routinely called upon by our clients to assist with business reorganization and sale, including the sale of vessel and licenses. We also have significant experience with indigenous partnerships as it relates to the fishing industry and can help assist our clients through a fast-changing landscape in fisheries license ownership and management. 

  • Licensing issues and disputes

  • Business structure advice and CRA tax implications with Sullivan Law and Tax

  • Buying and Selling Vessels and Licenses

  • Dispute resolution arising from valuation of fishing licenses, agreements, and assets

  • Clarification of DFO regulations and compliance advice

  • Financing

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