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For the past decade principal lawyer Darren O’Keefe has acted as lead commercial counsel to one of the largest indigenous groups in Canada. During this period Darren has worked for both indigenous partners, and non-indigenous partners, in building business partnerships and relationships that contribute to sustainable Indigenous economic development. We understand what it takes to serve the unique needs of Indigenous business and we work to develop practical solutions for our clients in the Indigenous business context. 

Our work with Indigenous groups focuses primarily on joint ventures, business structures and partnerships. We often act as mediators and negotiators on our client’s behalf to ensure business transactions are done with the appropriate cultural and contextual framework in mind. We have experience with joint venture agreements, labor agreements, limited partnerships, incorporations, first nations and Indigenous business registry matters, procurement, financing, and Provincial, Federal, Territorial and First Nations governance matters and negotiations

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Labor Agreements

  • Limited Partnerships and Incorporations

  • First Nations and Indigenous Business Registry Matters

  • Procurement

  • Provincial, Federal, Territorial and First Nations Governance Matters

  • Mediation and Negotiation 

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